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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 11, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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say they want to tell about his life. >> he was on his way to becoming a very fine trooper. he just wanted to serve his community. >> he had already been a trooper for three years and founded an organization to mentor young men from his community. >> he stayed on us to be positive and do better in life. >> he planned to take the young men on a field trip to new york. they went without him. he was shot in a hail of gunfire after reaching outside a restaurant where he moonlighted. >> there is no question that the suspect knew the trooper was a trouper. he was killed feet from his police car.
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>> police are looking for a man brown had escorted out earlier. he was seen running from the scene after brown stumbled back into the restaurant. there were a series of searches by agents and the troopers -- it has not led to an arrest. police say they want to find the person who was seen running away, but they are not positive he is the main suspect. they are calling him a person of interest. friends and family are gathering to honor his memory. they will be holding a vigil in his honor. we have new information on a breaking story. a man brings traffic to a hults on the beltway. -- to a halt.
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>> jay korff is live with the details. >> this has been a very busy day for a police. a bizarre scene unfolded on the outer loop of the beltway near fedex field. this was all captured by newschopper lerch 7. seven7.- newschopper earn he climbed over a pickup truck and jump on to a metro access van. he then began taking off his clothing. moments later the whole area was swarmed by the state police. they arrested this man shortly thereafter. i spoke with police who have been searching for the suspect in the trooper shooting. they do not believe this man is a suspect in that case.
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>> we are monitoring late development in arkansas where flash floods have swept away people. they swept through a campground in a national forest. two dozen people were hospitalized and nearly 8 inches of rain fell on that area over night. now to the latest on the gulf oil disaster. scientists have new estimates about how much oil has spilled into the gulf. here is a live look at that leak right now. at least one marine biologist says the damage may be four times as bad as originally thought. rebecca cooper has the latest. >> new numbers are staggering, double the previous high and estimates. it appears the 40,000 barrels a
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day are spewing from the deep water well. there are calls from financial restitution for the state's. as the oil slick continues to close in on the coast line they are demanding a $2.5 billion bp rainy day fund. mexico is also threatening to sue. congress is furious that bp is still considering making dividend payments to shareholders. >> to see them spending their money on advertising and boasting their dividends they are paying, they have an obligation to us first. it would be good public relations for them to pay. >> but bp defenders say the company has lost billions. the british prime minister said its in the best interests of britain to not let bp go broke.
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they are under pressure back home to stick up for the company. this as louisiana officials were begging for help. >> i just need your help. it's like a war. >> scientists warned doubling the estimate will not double the environmental damage, but could increase the environmental consequences of this bill. >> -- of this spill. a louisiana oil companies sued the u.s. government saying the obama administration the illegally ordered the moratorium and want offshore drilling to begin again. world cup fever has taken over this area. that means big business for barnes and restaurants. the first game got under way at 7:30 a.m. .
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staff arrived to open up and they have added extra staff to accommodate the extra business. >> it's really good to have something like this even though its in another country. people will go to these bars. >> people who did go out to watch the game said the sense of camaraderie was great. tomorrow there will be two big screen set up in dupont circle. on sunday, and germany takes on australia. after the game tim brant will host our world cup post-game special. the mother of a toddler murdered. a clue in the search of a prime suspect. >> president obama's new tax break plan. who will benefit? >> they price to drive, we know how much you will have to pay.
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>> this is abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m.
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>> a man wanted in the killings of a west virginia woman and her son is believed to be hiding in prince william county. he has ties to lorton and lake ridge. the two bodies were found on sunday after a fire at their home. he had been dating her for about two weeks. authorities say he should be considered armed and dangerous. the maryland transportation authority set the tolls for the icc. dollar -- drivers will have to pay $1.45 during peak hours. the 5 mile stretch is scheduled to open early next year. >> president obama made a push to congress aimed at helping small business owners. >> that is why i'm urging congress to approve a set of tax breaks to spur hiring and
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growth. >> the president unveiled his plan. this would eliminate capital gains taxes for investments in small businesses. it would also encourage people to open businesses. still to come, [unintelligible] why she has such a big following tonight. >> it is warm now, but doug hill is back with some changes. >> strasburg mania goes nationwide.
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>> the cover of next week's "newsweek" is about sarah palin. she sells a lot of magazine and candidates love her. others say is one week from sunday and president obama is
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planning a speech on the importance of responsible fatherhood and mentoring. he gave a big speech to an african-american conversation. too many fathers are mia, he said. last weekend i went to the most unusual party. al gore and tipper gore is used to throw a party. joe biden had reporters and their kids over for a pool party. the vice president even when down the water side. i asked about the dress code. here is an interesting marriage of business and politics, walmart is going to brief reporters on who can win the [unintelligible] happy weekend and we will be back next week with another week -- peak inside.
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>> are we going to have a happy weekend? >> it will be very hot and humid. keep your eye on the sky for some possible thunderstorms. let's get started on our roof camera high above our building. a few fairweather clouds. temperatures are very pleasant and humidity levels are even more enjoyable. starting tomorrow, heat and humidity build back in. let's make three stops on the weatherbug network. nationals park at 80 degrees. 84 degrees north of the metro area. we will go the other way to fredericksburg with a high of 85. 86 and 67 were the official numbers. look at the record set 100 years ago, 101 degrees. there were some large -- higher
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readings for grass pollen. mold spores are up as well in the moderate range. temperatures are very comfortable. 83 in fairfax. 81 degrees in martinsburg. just a comfortable night all the way around. we will see big numbers to the southwest. this will start to creep eastward over night tonight. we will pick up a few clouds. there are some storm activity. the thunderstorm complex that caused the tragedy in arkansas has fallen apart, but we do have a few late day showers. that will be the pattern as we head through tomorrow. a high will be offshore and winds will bring up the heat and humidity. light rain to our north and our area will be it summary.
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a better chance on sunday. there is a push as this hot and humid air moves through. we will have more of that. here is your weekend. it looks like it will be hot and humid. the next seven days show additional showers with a cold front on monday. partly to mostly sunny with low humidity. in the mid 80's for the rest of next week. >> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. everybody is still hooked on stephen strasburg. >> did you think it was going to go away? a lot of buzz surrounded the nationals because of stephen strasburg. they are starting a series against the indians.
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he is scheduled to start in cleveland on sunday. it is a nationally televised game. everyone wants to see him pitch. fans want to know if he can repeat his 14th strikeout performance tuesday. his teammates say more of the same on sunday. >> what i expect for him is for him to be him. his body language tells you everything you need to know. doesn't really faze him. >> american sports fans may be talking about stephen strasburg, but around the world the talk is about the world cup. game 1 kick off this morning with south africa taking on mexico. he launches a bullet straight into the corner. south africa's striking first. 24 minutes later mexico
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response. he gets the ball on the doorstep and scores. the game ends in a tie. france and uruguay taking off. the goalie has a great save. he has a chance and it goes wide. the game ended in a tie. we will recap all the action in a special broadcast on sunday right here at 4:30 p.m. this year's nba finals has been highly entertaining with no one able to predict what will happen from one game to the next. the lakers going in with a 2-1 lead. kobe bryant was sick from behind the three-point line. 33 points, but they came up huge.
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this baby was [unintelligible] he had 18 points. 96-89. the coach had enough confidence to leave him -- leave him in the game. >> i was really looking at the clock thinking when is he going to come get me? we are playing but timeouts go by and he is letting us role. all want to give him a hug. >> the black hawks in chicago had a big parade for the stanley cup champions. they defeated the philadelphia flyers to win the stanley cup. the university of nebraska making plans to leave the big 12. they will apply for membership to the big 10 conference. the washington redskins coach is happy with the way his team is picking up this new system that
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he will cut down the minicamp next week. >> good job on those world cup soccer names. we will b
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>> even the animals at the national zoo are getting into the world cup spirit. >> zookeeper's developed a series of animal in richmond activities for small -- animal in richmond --enrichment activities. they demonstrated their athleticism by running around cones and plane with soccer balls covered in peanut butter. >> there you go. >> what is the latest? >> a comparable evening with heat and humidity back in the
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area. isolated showers and thunderstorms for tomorrow, but by that time we get into sunday the showers will be more widespread. a typical summer fare. if you are lucky enough to get to beaches, a nice saturday. about the same in virginia beach. it looks like it will be warmer and more humid at the beach. a good chance of storms in the afternoon once you start heading back across the bay. but typical summer stuff here. >> abc world news coming up next. >> have a great weekend.
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